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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Easy Node.js Development Environment With Vagrant. In this lesson you will learn how Vagrant can help keep your local workstation clean while making your development environment reproducible.

1.1 Introduction

Hi, and welcome to Easy Node.js Development Environment with Vagrant. My name is Markus Muhlberger. And in this course I will teach you how to use Vagrant to set up a virtual machine, hosting all your database dependencies and whatever else you need to develop a Node application. But why should you use Vagrant? You can also set up the database server on your local machine. There are two major advantages when using virtualization. First, your dependencies are isolated and can not mess with other projects on your system. Second, if your Node app gets more complex, you will have to set up more and more dependencies, and so does everyone else on your team. When using Vagrant, you can already have a preconfigured box to get you started in seconds. We are going to use a contacts application with a read-in session store, that can generate sample contacts by a socket IO channel to simulate a more or less complex node.js web application. And you will learn how to create a Vagrant box, set it up for development, and then share it with others. So let's get started.

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