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1.1 Introduction

What is Angular? Or, more importantly, what is different about it, compared to competing JavaScript frameworks, and why should you care?

1.1 Introduction

Welcome to easier job script apps with AngularJS. I'm Tom Ashworth, your instructor for this course. AngularJS is an open source client side job script framework that uses HTML as its templating language, and it's designed to help you create dynamic single page applications. It was originally created in 2009, and has evolved since into a powerful tool for building web apps. It's now a Google project, and they employ a team to work on it full-time, and it's used by them on a number of products. There are quite a few client side JavaScript frameworks around at the moment, but Angular is notable for its philosophy that declarative programming is better than imperative programming for wiring up user interfaces and creating modular components. In this course, you'll learn how to use Angular's NVC architecture to build applications, harness data binding, teach HTML new tricks with directives, use dependency injection to create components, and structure your app using Angular's rooting system. So, to begin, let's take a look at Angular's website.

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