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3.1 Adding Products to Your Store

Learn how to import dummy data to your WooCommerce store so you can test your theme.

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3.1 Adding Products to Your Store

Hello and welcome back to this Tuts Plus course on WooCommerce theme development. In this part of the course I'm going to show you how to add some products to your store. Now we won't be manually adding those products but what we'll do instead is use the dummy data that's provided by WooCommerce. This dummy data is really useful if you're developing a store for a client for example. Or if you're developing a store theme that you're going to make available to other users because it gives you dummy data that you can use to test your theme. All we need to do to import the dummy data is use the import tool that's provided with WordPress. So I in tools, and then import in my admin. I've already got the WordPress importer installed on my site, so I simply click on WordPress here. And then I want to select the XML file that I'll be uploading. So click on the choose file button, and then find the Woocommerce files on your computer. Now I've downloaded the Woocommerce plugin, which you'll need to do. And then within Woocommerce, there's a dummy data folder. And within that, there's an XML file, which is the file you need to use. Just ignore those csv files. So click on the Choose button, and then finally click on Upload File and Import. And the WordPress importer will start to do its job. [BLANK_AUDIO] Now the importer will now ask you if you want to import the author that's provided with the dummy data. Now I don't, I'm going to sign post with an existing user which is me. And I'm also going to download in imports all the file attachments. It's important that you do this cause those are all the product images and they help test your layout. So having done that I click on submit and WordPress will do the job of importing all that data for me. So that's done. Simple as that. And if I have a look in my products now, you'll see that there are a whole range of products that have been imported. And again, if I look at my front end and refresh the screen, those products are now showing up. Now what I also need to do is add some product categories to my navigation. But we'll come to that later on in the course. So that's how you add products using the data importer. And if you want some guidance on how to do this, the WooCommerce website includes a page on how to important WooCommerce dummy data. However, if you're developing your own store, you'll probably want to add your own products. And there's a great tutorial, which I've written for Tuts Plus, which helps you to get started with WooCommerce, set up your products, and add them. So here you'll see there's a tutorial here on adding physical products to your store, and another one for adding virtual products to your store. And depending on what type of products you're selling, you might need to use one or both of those. So if you want to add your own products and you're not sure how to do it, please take a look at those tutorials. So here's our store with all of our products, which gives us a great starting point. Which we can work on in the next tutorial when we start developing the home page and creating navigation to help people find products. That's all and thanks for watching.

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