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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Deploy a Rails App With Heroku! In this lesson I’ll give an introduction to the deployment with Heroku. I’ll explain how to prepare the application to be deployed and give you some pointers on installing the software we need.

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1.1 Introduction

You have been developing your application for quite some time. But you still don't know how to deploy it to the public for everyone to consume. If only there were a way to deploy the application really easily and promote your product as fast as possible. Hi, I'm I'm going to be your tutor for this small course on the deploying your Rails application on Heroku. Heroku has gained quite the traction by its simple business model. The core of this service is push your application through Git to the Heroku server and your app will be instantly available. I hope you're excited about this course. It's going to be a little small but nonetheless it will guide you to excellent results. In no time you will have your application that's been sitting on your machine into the wild. So be ready for it. The project that we're going to consider is the Get Started with Ruby on Rails course. I'm gonna leave you a link in the description below to download this repository. This repository contains a project manager, a really simple application. It has some interaction with the database and nothing more. So you'll be just fine in following this course. If you've taken this course already, then most likely you will have all of the pre-requirements for taking the course. If you don't have Git installed, then I strongly suggest you use it. It's actually mandatory for you to have Git in order to push your changes into the Hiruko servers. So if you don't have it check, git-scm.com. You have instructions on how to install this tool into your machine, wwhether on Windows, Mac OS 10 or Linux. So I hope you're excited about the course. Jump straight into the next lesson to learn about how to properly adapt our application to fit into a Heroku server. I'll see you soon.

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