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4.1 Conclusion

Thanks for taking the time to complete this course! I’ll leave you with a few ideas for ways to learn more about Heroku. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can reach us through Twitter, or in the Student Forum.

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4.1 Conclusion

So, congratulations on taking this course in order to ease in your deployment process. Heroku has eased in process of building and deploying applications really, really well. With a simple get commit, your application will be deployed. What could possibly be easier than that? So I just wanna leave you a couple of resources in order for you to progress further. Remember that the Dashboard is the most important part of the maintenance of your application. Everything is in there. You will see tuts plus projects two in this specific case. You should probably have a different name. But all of the assets are here. Statistics on higher application is doing, database, and more add-ons if you feel like you need them. Heroku provides a bunch of different application add-ons. So just click on add-ons here, and you will see, for example, Redis integration, some other database systems, MongoDB database servers. I mean, anything goes. You have all of these categories. For example, let's check on Testing. You have BlazeMeter, you have Blitz, so many different applications out there. Metrics and analytics, search engines, for example Sphinx and Elasticsearch, these are very popular. If you want to have those, Heroku provides instant access to them. Another thing that I think you'll enjoy is the Getting Started with Ruby on Heroku guide. This is a complete guide that goes over all of the details in regards to deploying to Heroku. We had a very simple application, and the process was really easy. However, if you wanna do things just a little bit further, if you wanna extend your application to its maximum, then go ahead and check the guides. There are loads of different resources on different ways of maintaining your application. So I hope you enjoyed this course. If you have anything to say to us, go ahead and check the forums and Twitter as well. I'm always open to suggestions, feedback, and questions. I'm Joe Zamata, and I hope to see very soon.

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