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1.2 Project Overview

In this lesson, I'll show you the project we're going to build together. I'll also give you a tour of the project files we are going to work on throughout this course.

1.2 Project Overview

Hi and welcome back to create apps for Swift 3. In this lesson, I'm going to show you the example application we are going to build, the trials that we will be touching throughout the course, and how the repository's organized. This is our sample application. It is a very simple app and it shows the Fibonacci sequence in a table for you. When you scroll down you can see that the values are calculated asynchronously. When you have a look at the detail view you can also look at the sequence that makes a Fibonacci number. I have used the default master detail application template. We will create two new files in this course. One is a table of your data source. The second one calculates and represents a Fibbonacci number. We are also going to change the generated view controllers, for example, to programmatically generate UI elements. The story bot is almost unchanged. I just moved the label of the detail view from the center to the top but we are going to do that during the course. The crash course will be done in a playground. But I'm going to add and delete lines of code there pretty harshly. So this will not be committed to the course's repository. All files belonging to the project however will be provided. As usual I will also create one commit per lesson. So you can start following along in the middle of the course as well if you like. In the next lesson I will give you an overview of the Xcode user interface, see you there.

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