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Free Preview: Create a Time Travel watchOS Complication



As developers, when we hear about a new technology or framework, we're often excited to take advantage of all of the new features. With the latest announcement of the new Apple Watches and watchOS 3, we want to jump on that bandwagon. But when it comes to working with WatchOS and creating interfaces for it, we have to learn how to use Complications. Fortunately, Complications in watchOS development aren't as difficult as the name makes it sound.

In this course, you'll see you easy it is to work with Complications. You'll also learn how to integrate some very cool features into them to make your watchOS app even more useful to your end users. Follow along as Envato Tuts+ instructor Derek Jensen builds a watchOS Complication with Time Travel, allowing your complication to display information from different dates and times.

1.Create a Time Travel watchOS Complication
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Create a Time Travel watchOS Complication