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3.1 Final Review

Thanks for taking the time to complete this course. I hope you’ve now become more proficient at using Rails API! If you have any questions or feedback you want to share, visit us on Twitter or in the community forums.

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3.1 Final Review

So this marks the end of this course. I hope you've enjoyed learing about Rails-API. At the end of it all, it is just a rails app, except that it relieves the burden of loading more code which makes it a lot more suitable for APIs. Remember that if you want to learn more about the Rails-API gem, just visit this URL that's in the description. And also stay tuned for Rails-API being merged into Rails five. If there's anything about this course that you found to be a little difficult or left doubts on you, then go ahead and check us out on Twitter. Our handler is @tutsplus. But if you want to you can check me out at. Also if you want to check us out on community.tutsplus.com. This is our official forum that's always open for your questions. So if you have anything that you need, go ahead and post your questions here. Everyone will be able to help out. I hope you've enjoyed learning about Rails-API. My name is Jose Mata, and I hope to see you very soon.

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