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1.1 Introduction

Rolling your own full-stack JavaScript framework is no simple task. In this course, I’ll share some of the challenges my team encountered building Milojs for the Daily Mail. We’ll look at some of the technical issues encountered by the Daily Mail team and also some of the interpersonal obstacles. You’ll also see a practical example of an app built with Milo.

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1.1 Introduction

The Daily Mail website is the world's most popular English language online newspaper, with some 230 million unique monthly visitors, and aroud 1,000 new articles published every day. With this volume of content, creating articles needs to be as smooth and intuitive as possible, with a completely in line wysisyg editing experience and an easy drag and drop approach to images, videos, tables, and other graphical elements. That was our brief when we were asked to replace the Daily Mail CMS from the ground up. We'd used a lot of different frameworks before, but we felt that nothing around at the time was going to cut it for us. We decided to roll our own framework and the result was Milo JS, a reactive component-based data binding frameworK. Over the course of these videos, we'll cover the hows, whys and whats of building Milo JS, including the challenges we faced, some of the more interesting technical details, and some really cool stuff you can do with it, too. Like create a full stack reactive data binding between deeply nested models between the server and the client. So let's get started.

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