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3.1 Conclusion

Thanks for following along as I shared some of my experiences working on Milojs at the Daily Mail. I can honestly say that the process of creating a framework has taught me more about JavaScript, and software development in general, than any university course.

Below I’ve listed some further resources on Milojs and JavaScript.

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3.1 Conclusion

I hope you've enjoyed these videos. And may be inspired to try something different yourselves. I can honestly say that the process of creating a framework has taught me more about JavaScript and software development in general. Than any university course. I've learned about the nitty gritty details of JavaScript. From execution cycles, to how the browser optimizes code. And I've gained a much greater understanding of the large concepts. Such as event driven architecture. And various other design patterns. Now, I'm not saying that everyone needs to create a new framework. But what is a framework but a collection of patterns and abstractions tied together with helper functions, classes and other objects. Even if you are using existing frameworks, you should also be building up your own vocabulary of patterns for your particular business problems. The only other piece of advice I would like to give, is don't forget about plain old Vanilla JS. We all like to work at a higher level. Abstracted away from language details. But every now and then, you'll need to do something new or different. And you'll be glad you know the nuts and bolts of the language. Thanks again, and goodbye.

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