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1.1 Introduction

In a world with dozens of JavaScript frameworks, why would anyone in their right mind decide to roll their own? In this course, I'll tell you why we set out to build Milo: the Daily Mail's homegrown JavaScript framework that powers a high-volume news site.

1.Create a New JavaScript Framework: How We Built the Daily Mail CMS
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Create a New JavaScript Framework: How We Built the Daily Mail CMS

1.1 Introduction

[MUSIC] Hi and welcome to this coffee break case study video about building the C.M.S. of the Mail Online. My name is Jason Green and I'm a software engineer at the mail, and over the course of a couple of videos I'm going to share with you how we built the C.M.S. using our homegrown framework. Milo J S, I want to take a look at some of the challenges we faced in building our own framework, and exactly what's going on under the hood of model J S. But first let's tackle the most obvious question. Why? At a time when there are more JavaScript frameworks than you can count on two hands. Why would we decide to roll our own?

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