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3.1 Conclusion

Congratulations, you’ve just completed Create a Foundation for Apps Controller Using AngularJS! You now have a fully operational task manager controller and an app ready to be passed over to the UI design phase. Let’s recap everything you’ve learned and talk about what you can do next.

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3.1 Conclusion

Congratulations, you just finished Create a Foundation for Apps Controller using AngularJS. So now you've got a fully featured, fully functional controller written in AngularJS and plugged into the Foundation for Apps UI system. You learned how to set up a controller and how to extend Foundation for Apps default controller. You set up new tasks creation processes, you converted a comma separated list of tags into a collection of distinct separate tags. You added a display system for the tasks you'd set up and the tags into the UI. You created a task deletion process, you created a task editing process. And you also took care of updating edited tasks and saving the changes into local storage. And then to cap it off, you added in some presentational functionality with color switching and the ability to set task status. So it's an awesome job, well done. As for what you can do next, we actually have two other courses that follow on perfectly from the course that you've just finished. If you head next to the course Up and Running with Foundation for Apps, you'll learn how to take the controller that you just finished creating and design a UI to go over the top of it. So in this course you'll get taken through more detail on what to do in the HTML to work in with Angular. And you'll also be doing some SaaS editing to change up the default styles that come with Foundation for Apps. Then when you finish that, we have another course named Web App to Mac App Using NW.js. And that's a short course that you can get through quite quickly. And it will teach you how to take the app that you've created and turn it into a Mac desktop app. So thanks again for taking this course. I hope you had a really good time, and I'll see you in the next one.

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