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1.1 Introduction

Let's face it, databases can be intimidating, especially when we're talking about mobile devices. There are just so many options. Which one is right for you? Do you go relational or document based? Cross platform or platform specific? Light weight and fast or fully featured? And what about security? There are just so many out there, that it could make your head spin. With all these thoughts and options coming rushing into your head, I urge you to start with simplicity. And that's why today, we're gonna be covering the Realm Mobile Database. It's lightweight, fast, secure, cross platform, and easy to get up and running in just a matter of moments. And if these aren't some enticing words describing your data storage mechanism, then I don't know what are. So come along with me as I show you the basics of getting up and running with the Realm Mobile Database in Swift, in just a few quick steps. My name is Derek Jensen and this is building Swift applications with the Realm Mobile Database.

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