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1.1 Code a REST API With Koa and TypeScript

Have you been creating Node web apps or APIs and want to try an alternative to the same old tools and frameworks? Tired of the endless stack of callback to callbacks that come along with Express apps? If so, then the Koa framework might be just the thing to turn your day around.

Koa is a new framework created by the same people that created Express. The difference is that it has been created from the ground up to use the latest features in JavaScript (aka ECMAScript 2015+), including the latest way to handle asynchronous programming: async and await. In this course, you'll learn how to get up and running by building a fully functioning REST API from scratch.

1.1 Code a REST API With Koa and TypeScript

Have you been spending time creating express applications with JavaScript in all the same libraries, and you just kind of get fed up with all the same problems,all the same boilerplate, all the same callback hell. Well, if you have been running into that problem like me, I've got the solution for you today. From the makers of the express framework, we now have the Koa web framework. Which is going to allow us to do so many nice things, like bringing in from the ground up more recent and relevant JavaScript and TypeScript advancements, such as the ASYNC and AWAIT. And being able to write very flexible code, without having to always fall back to the same express framework. Now, I'm not saying that expresses bad, I'm just saying that if you haven't taken a rejuvenated new look at your new options out there today like Koa, then I feel like you've been missing out. So in this course, I'm gonna take you through the process of creating an entire API from the ground up using the Koa web framework. To show just how easy it is and how quick you can get up and running creating web applications, creating APIs, using this framework and TypeScript. So let's go ahead and get started.

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