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5.1 Conclusion

Headless WordPress applications are awesome! In this course, we covered all the basics. You now know how to retrieve data, authenticate users with JWT, and perform administrative tasks through WordPress’s RESTful API.

From all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thank you for watching!

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5.1 Conclusion

Really, headless applications are the holy grail for client side developers. You get to spend the majority of your time writing your application and you don't have to worry about the CMS. In fact, you get to rely upon the years of development and testing that has gone into WordPress's admin portal. Your content providers get to have a familiar interface, and your end users get to have whatever you can dream up. It's awesome. Now, we covered the basics in this course. You know how to retrieve data, authenticate users with JWT and perform administrative tasks, all through WordPress's RESTful API. But you can also create your own endpoints. Now it requires you to write some PHP code, but you can take your application further to fit your exact needs by augmenting WordPress's API. WordPress's reference docs are very informative. And I've given you the link to them so that you can see the default data provided by the API. Thank you so much for watching this course. As always, feel free to contact me through Twitter or the Touch Plus forums if you have any questions. Once again, thank you and I will see you next time.

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