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1.2 Why Use NativeScript?

Unlike frameworks like Ionic or Cordova, NativeScript doesn’t use Web Views for rendering the UI. Instead it uses the native APIs for each platform. However, it still lets you develop your app with web technologies like JavaScript (or TypeScript), Angular, HTML, and CSS.

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1.2 Why Use NativeScript?

NativeScript is an open source project hosted on GitHub. It is under Apache 2.0 license. Which means you can develop it and contribute to the code base. NativeScript allows you to build native applications for iOS and Android with UI components you find in the native SDK. The overall user experience of NativeScript is significantly richer than other solutions. NativeScript uses JavaScript to access Native platform APIs. This simply means, you don't need to know Java, objective C, or Swift. And one code base can handle both SDKs. Also NativeScript is written in TypeScript which is superset of JavaScript. And transfers ES2015 to plain JavaScript. It has futures like a static time checking assuming we're to C# or Java, and also class based object oriented programming of style. And finally, NativeScript strongly supports Angular 2. And it can leverage the cover of Angular 2 and typo script in your apps. NPM is no JSs package manager. And is used in NativeScript to handle dependency management. Most of the popular libraries found on NPM can be used within your NativeScript applications. Learning to develop mobile applications isn't an easy task, and it is sometimes discouraging for developers to experience it. But the good news is NativeScript's documentation is very well written and maintained. It has many useful samples and tutorials that can get you started. NativeScript has an active community of developers supporting the project. But Telerik, the company behind the project, offers enterprise support as well. You can always find your answers through Stack Overflow, Telerik forums, YouTube, as well as other mediums like Slack.

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