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2.3 Development Workflow

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to set up Visual Studio Code and the NativeScript plugin. By the end of the lesson, we’ll be ready to get started coding our NativeScript app.

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2.3 Development Workflow

Visual Studio Code is a cross platform, light weight editor developed my Microsoft. It includes support for debugging, git source control management, syntax highlighting, and intelligent code completion and code refactoring. It is extensible through extension and plug-ins and has a very good support for native script development and debugging. Any version of the editor which is more than 1.7 is enough for the purposes of this video training. Download the Visual Studio Code from and install it on your machine. Then open the editor and go to plugins tab and install NativeScript plugin. It may ask you to reinstall the editor. After that, open the project inside the editor, you can also drag the folder into the editor. The first tab is file explorer and shows the folder structure of this app. Now, go to the debug screen and click on gear icon. And from the drop down, select NativeScript. This will open a launch.JSON file which can be used to configure the launching commands in debugger screen. But you can close it now. Next, select launch on iOS from the drop down and hit play to see the console log, click on the console icon. As you can see, a debug tool bar has appeared on top of the page which can be used for debugging your app.

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