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3.1 Conclusion

Thanks for following along with this course! I hope I've given you a taste for NativeScript app development and that I've inspired you to go out and build your own NativeScript app. I'm Keyvan Kasaei, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching.

3.1 Conclusion

In this short course, we have covered a huge amount of data about NativeScript. We have also created a simple project, and tested it on both iOS and Android emulators. I feel that there are more to be taught about NativeScript. But meanwhile, I encourage you to take a look at NativeScript Animations and Plugins Documentation, which can distinguish your apps amongst competitors. I hope this introductory course has helped you learn the basics of NativeScript. And I would be happy to know if you have created any apps based on what you have learned and practiced in this course. Please feel free to contact me on Twitter or on the Course Forum. On behalf of all of my colleagues here on Touch Plus, thanks for watching this course and see you soon.

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