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1.1 Introduction

In this course, I'll teach you to use GraphQL with the popular Apollo Client in a React app. We'll be building an app for the Finnish public transportation system that shows a map of stations and lines, as well as a simple route planner.

1.1 Introduction

GraphQL is an emerging API technology that more that more and more companies adopt. It was originally designed by engineers at Facebook to help them with their increasingly complex API needs and to avoid having to create lots of different endpoints to support new services they introduce constantly. With GraphQL, the client is responsible for defining the properties they need. And the server returns exactly that and nothing more. Hello, and welcome to this Envado Tuts+ course. My name is Markus Muhlberger, and you are watching Using GraphQL on the Front-End With React. In this course I'm focusing on using GraphQL with the popular Apollo client in the React application. We're going to use an API of the FInnish public transport system to implement the map that shows the stations and the line, as well as a simple route planner to get from A to B. I'm also going to show you how to handle errors as well as give you an introduction to mutations using a separate API since the transport one is obviously query only. I hope you are excited to get stated with Graphical and React. I will see you in the first lesson.

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