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Code a Front-End App With GraphQL and React



GraphQL is an emerging technology for creating APIs and sharing data between the server and front-end. It was originally designed by engineers at Facebook, to help manage their increasingly complex API needs. With GraphQL, it isn't necessary for app developers to know about lots of different API endpoints to access different types and combinations of server data—instead, a single query language makes it easy to retrieve whatever data is needed from the server, with a uniform interface for features such as optimistic caching and real-time updates.

In this course, you'll learn how to connect to a GraphQL endpoint from a React app. You'll learn how to configure the popular Apollo GraphQL client. This will let you seamlessly retrieve and integrate live server data into your app. You'll learn how to structure your queries, access real-time data, perform mutations (updates to the server data), and handle errors. Along the way, you'll build a great-looking trip planning map for the Finnish public transportation system!

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