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Free Preview: Choose a Ruby Template Engine: ERB vs. Haml


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The default templating language in Ruby on Rails is ERB. ERB has a simple syntax for mixing HTML and Ruby commands, but it can be somewhat verbose. Haml is a very popular alternative which has a condensed syntax for expressing HTML.

In this Coffee Break Course, Envato Tuts+ instructor José Mota will compare Haml and ERB. You'll learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each, in order to help you choose between them. You'll also learn about an online tool that you can use to translate from Haml to plain ERB.

1.Choose a Ruby Template Engine: ERB vs. Haml
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Choose a Ruby Template Engine: ERB vs. Haml

1. Choose a Ruby Template Engine: ERB vs. Haml

1.1 Introduction

[NOISE] ERb and Haml are two distinctive tools that serve the same purpose. What are the differences between one and the other? Hi, I'm Joseph Mata. I'm going to be your tutor for this Coffee Break Course on distinguishing between the two tools. ERb is the standard that also comes with the standard library in Ruby. You'll most definitely be used to it, but if you notice from the courses that I produce here on in Vital Talks Plus, you will know that I use Haml a lot. Join me as I explain you the fundamental differences between one and the other, and why I tend to choose Haml over ERb. Hop along to the next video.