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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Building App UIs With Angular Material. In this introductory lesson, I'll show you what you're going to learn in the course and give you a brief overview of the Angular Material framework.

1.1 Introduction

Hi folks. Angular Material is the official UI component framework for Angular. And all of the components services and utilities provided by the framework are built using Angular and typescript in the Angular way. This makes developing with them in Angular apps natural and easy. It has a huge community, excellent documentation, and it follows Google's popular material design specification so everything looks modern and crisp. My name is Dan Wellman and, in this course we're going to take a look at selection of the most commonly used components to see how we can integrate with them to create attractive and engaging UIs for our web applications. We'll see how to easily add Angular material to an application using the Angular CLI. And how we can use schematics to quickly create some pre-configured components. Also, using the CLI to scaffold everything out for us.. We'll then move on to see how we can work with some of the components directly looking at layout components, form components, and associated widgets like dialogues and snack bars. Let's make a start in the next lesson by getting everything installed and set up, ready to start the coding examples. Thanks for watching.

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