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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Building an App With Cordova. In this course we will learn all about the Cordova framework and its development workflow.

1.1 Introduction

Hello everyone. This is Reggie Dawson. Welcome to the Publish an App With Cordova course for tuts+. Developing an app in Cordova allows web developer to create apps that behave like native apps. After building your app you then need a way to compile it and submit it to the app stores. Cordova includes the ability to build your app locally but it's restricted to the SDK you may have installed in your system. We can also compile Cordova projects, as well as Ionic projects, through the PhoneGap Build service. This has the advantage of allowing you to build your app for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. After that all you need to do is sign up for your app store and submit your app for the world to see. Of course you'll have to meet the requirements of the respective app store, and in the case of Android and iOS devices pay a fee. But you have to admit, releasing an app is not a complicated affair. Check out this course and learn how to prepare, package and release your app.

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