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1.3 Firebase Setup

As you probably already know, we're going to be using Firebase as our database for this project. So the first thing to do is to head over to the Firebase website and set up a new database. I'm going to go to Firebase.com and up at the top I'll click Log In. If you already have a Firebase account, you can go ahead and log in, too. Otherwise you can create a new account for free. I have a couple of other databases here but let's go ahead and create a new database for this application. We'll give it an app name. And we'll have to choose an app URL that has not been used previously so I'll choose wicker-tuts. With that in place I can go ahead and click Create New App. And now we have a new database. It's really that simple. Now I can click this link right here, wicker-tut's.firebaseio.com. And it's going to take me to this database view. Where we can actually see all of the data that is in our database. Now right now you can see that this location is empty. However as we start to build our application we're gonna fill in some data here. And we'll come back and look at this interface periodically so we can get an idea of how Firebase is storing our data.

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