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3.1 Conclusion

This brings us to the end of Building a Wiki with React and Firebase. I hope you've learned a lot about React and Firebase. React is a really cool library that can do a lot more than what we did in these lessons, so check out some of the links I'll put beneath this video if you wanna learn more about React. Firebase is a really cool platform as well, I'll include some links about Firebase underneath this video as well. So you can check out more of their other features, which are more than just data storage. They also do things like user authentication and static hosting. Finally, ECMAScript 6 is a great thing to be learning now. There are a lot of great resources out there and really, it is the way of the future of JavaScript applications, so you'd be smart to start learning it right now. Well, that's all for me for now, so I'll see you later.

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