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4.1 Conclusion

This brings our Building a Web Application From Scratch in AngularJS course to a close. Thanks for following along throughout these videos. I hope you've had fun, and that you've learned a lot about AngularJS. You'll be able to download the contacts application that we created in this video along with this screencast course. So, feel free to check out the code, and maybe add a few new features to practice some of your Angular skills. Now, if you wanna learn more about Angular, I recommend you start with the Angular documentation, which you can find at This is a complete guide to AngularJS. Every single feature is available here in detail. You can find a lot of them listed here on the left-hand side of the screen. Many of these we talked about. Many of them we actually didn't use in this application. So, go ahead and check those out, and see how much more you can actually learn and do with Angular. If you're looking for something you can't find, this search box is great. You can search for any specific component. So, for example, if I search for the $http provider, you can see here it is right there. So, I can click on that, and I can get all the information I might ever need about the http provider. Another resource that I have found really handy is ng-book. Now, I don't think the author of this book is related with the developers of Angular in any way, and I have no association with it either. This is just a book that I found while I was learning Angular, and I found it really, really helpful. As it says here, the in-depth, complete, up-to-date book on Angular. That is no exaggeration. This is the most complete and most in-depth thing I found. I learned stuff in this book that I did not find in the documentation. And, the documentation is great. But, this book is a really great way to go from knowing nothing about Angular, and you just read through the whole thing, and you will know about everything there is to know about building Angular applications by the time you are finished with that book. So, those are my suggested resources if you want to learn more about Angular. And, with that, thank you for watching these screencasts, and I'll see you later.

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