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Build Your First Laravel Site



Laravel is a PHP framework for modern web apps. It's one of the most popular PHP frameworks, and coders love its elegance and stability. It has great built-in support for routing, sessions, modular templates, email, data validation, and so much more. But all that power means it's sometimes hard to know where to get started.

This course is designed to give you a head start on building your own Laravel website. It provides beginner level knowledge on all the basics, including routing, views, sessions, validation, emails, and more. We'll cover everything from the absolute basics of creating static pages with Blade all the way through to building and validating a contact form that sends emails. So let's get started!

If you haven't used Laravel before, why not check out our full course and learn Laravel 5: Get Started With Laravel 5. If you've mastered the fundamentals of Laravel, build on your experience with these courses: