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1.1 Introduction

Hi there! My name is Andrew Perkins. Welcome to this Tuts+ course, where we’ll take an eCommerce design (that I previously converted from a PSD to HTML and CSS) and turn that into a functional eCommerce web application using the Laravel PHP framework.

1.1 Introduction

Hi there, my name is Andrew Perkins. And welcome to this tuts+ course, where we'll take the e-commerce design that we previously converted from APSD to HTML and CSS, and now we'll turn that into a functional e-commerce web application using the Laravel PHP framework. This course does assume that you have basic knowledge of how to work with Laravel PHP, HTML, CSS, and the terminal or command line. If you're still struggling with any of these topics, please be sure to check out some of our other courses here at tuts+ to bring you up to speed. So with that said, this should be a great course for you to learn the basics of building an e-commerce application from scratch using Laravel. I'm really excited to get started. So enough with the introductions. I'll see you in the next lesson.

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