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1.1 Introduction

So you've built RESTful API's and you've been looking for something better. I mean, Not to knock REST but it does have its issues. The biggest is that it can take multiple round trips to multiple end points to fetch related data. Thus requiring more code, more bandwidth, and that all just boils down to more time. But then there's GraphQL, which is a relative newcomer to the web API space. It was developed by Facebook, yes the same company that brought us React and that promises to provide end users with a more dynamic and robust API for fetching and submitting data. Hi, I am Jeremy McPeak and I invite you to spend a few hours with me as I build a single page app completely from scratch using Laravel, Vue, and the GraphQL API. Will start at the very beginning and you'll learn the basic tenants of GraphQL and how it is designed to let you choose what data you need for your clients application. You'll learn how to build and query a GraphQL API, which proves to be very different from REST. From there, we'll talk about how mutations affect changes on the server and how to incorporate authentication with your GraphQL API. We'll then talk about input types and how they can simplify how you send data to and work with it on the server, we have a lot of ground to cover. So when you're ready, queue up the next video and we will get started.

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