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Free Preview: Build an Ambitious App With Ember 2



Ember is a front-end JavaScript framework that claims to be for "building ambitious applications". It's no lie! Many of the popular JS libraries used today are great, but most of them don't offer a complete solution to every facet of web app development. But that's exactly where Ember shines.

You won't need to find another library to manage your data store, or referee requests to and from the server, or even choose a template library. It's all built in. There's even a complete set of command-line tools that make scaffolding easy, as well as a built-in build system.

In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Andrew Burgess will show you how Ember can help you be as productive as possible when developing web apps. Ember is built on the idea of convention over configuration, so learning to do things the Ember way will make you fast and productive with this framework. Follow along as Andrew builds an ambitious web app using Ember best practices: a daily habits tracker with calendar views, data storage, authentication, and more.