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5.1 Goodbye

Thanks for joining me in this course. I hope it was as enjoyable to watch as it was to make. Don’t stop here! Continue to add your own features and functionality to the news aggregator app and make it your own. That’s the best way to be sure you’ll remember what you’ve learned here.

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5.1 Goodbye

So there you have it. You've been able to create from the ground up, from absolute scratch having no installation of even Django on your machine, to be able to create a very nice little application, a very nice little news aggregator to go out on to the web and pull down some news feeds from wherever you really like parse that data and present it to the end user in an interesting way like a newspaper. And I think this is a very nice little project is, things like these are always gonna come up. And being able to have the skills to be able to deal with data, persist data, and all those types of things using Django and using Python is always gonna be out there. And this is definitely a nice step in that direction to get you used to seeing how you can do those types of things. But, you can't really stop there. It would definitely pay for you to continue to stay up to date on all the different happenings in the world of Django as they come out. So definitely keep an eye on the Djangoproject.com as this is where all of your information is going to come from when it comes to new enhancements, new versions, new features. So definitely stay up to date on that. And then also, you can head over to Tuts+, and take a look at all the different Django tutorials and other courses that may be out there, to keep up to date on all the different things that we have going. And we want to help you learn and continue to grow in your path on the way to Django bliss. So once again, my name is Derek Jensen. Thank you for joining me in this course. I'll see you next time.

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