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1.2 The Shopping List App

In this lesson, I’ll demonstrate the screens and features present in the sample app we’ll be building: a simple shopping list manager. We’ll be working from the design created in Adi Purdila’s course Getting to Know Material Design.

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1.2 The Shopping List App

In this course, we will be creating a fully functional and material design shopping list app. The design of the app is largely based on a design created by our they put it in a course called Getting to Know Material Design. I'm now going to give you a quick demonstration of the app we will be creating today. You are currently looking at its home screen which shows a list of items you need to buy, along with a list of items you recently bought, by touching this very prominent looking floating action button, you can add new items to your shopping list. You can specify both the name and the quantity of the item you need to buy. By clicking on these check boxes, you can mark items that you bought already. As you can see, a checked item instantly jumps to the recently completed list. And if you marked an item accidentally, you can always undo that action by touching this undo button. Additionally, you can modify the items that are already on the list by touching this edit button. You can edit both the name and the quantity of the item. That's all there is to this app. Developing it is going to be fun and easy, because it has just two screens, with lots of new UI widgets. In the next video of this course, I show you how to set up a new Android Studio project for this app. Thanks for watching.

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