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1.1 Introduction

So you want to build a Content Management System with Laravel? Well, I can't blame you, because it's an excellent way to learn not just Laravel, but how to build applications. Hi, I am Jeremy McPeak, and I invite you to spend the next few hours with me as I build a CMS from scratch. Now, this isn't just some simple blog engine. This CMS will let users define, sort, and nest individual pages. Manage users, and yes, manage blog posts. So we'll begin at the very beginning. We'll design our database schema. And we'll use Laravel's artisan to make our migrations and seed our database with its initial data. From there, we'll build our admin portal, where we can create, read, update and delete individual pages. We'll be able to manage our users with a role based security system. And of course manage our blog posts. And during all of this, you'll learn about Laravel's features such as policies to control what users can and can't do with the application. You'll learn about view composers to provide extra data to views. And we'll even talk about the presenter pattern to take some of the logic from outside of the view. By the end of this course, you'll be comfortable with basic CRUD operations, user management and security, and much more. So when you're ready, cue up the next video and we will get started.

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