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5.14 Final Cleanup

In this last lesson, we are going to make some final tweaks, including:

  • adding some spacing between pictures in the speaker image gallery
  • changing the header title and sub-title
  • removing the default site logo
  • selecting a new theme
  • adjusting the menu

It sounds like a lot of work, but with Drupal all of these tasks can be done in less than ten minutes.

5.14 Final Cleanup

Okay, we have definitely come a long way and I feel like our site is very close to being ready for prime time. But there are a couple little tweaks that I want to make, mostly structural and aesthetic. To get us to the point where we're ready to start taking in some real data from real conferences and speakers and user groups. So let's do a couple little tweaks here. The first thing that I wanna do is I want to adjust the spacing of my speaker gallery just because I feel like things are a little tight. And actually the fix for that is gonna be very simple, which is mostly gonna be taking the search box. Which I earlier moved over to the right side bar or side bar second. I feel like that doesn't really belong there. I want to move it back over to the left. And that's actually going to magically provide more space for these speaker images and put a little bit of room in between them. And so you'll see that happen. I also want to restructure or maybe reorder my links up at the top of the main navigation just a little bit. Just to fit what I feel like it should be. And then I also want to modify the title of my site. Cuz, obviously, my title of my site is not Drupal, so we can give it a name. And then I don't really want this image here anymore. So you can either replace that with your own logo for your site. Or just get rid of the default and I'm gonna show you how to do that as well. So let's start with cleaning up our speaker gallery a little bit. So like I said this is gonna be fixed by moving our search bar back over to the left. So let's come back into structure. And let's go into block layout. And we're gonna come down here to our side bars. And the side bar second I want to move the search back into sidebar first. And I'm going to put it above the upcoming conferences because I think that's a good location for it. So let's go ahead and save blocks and then I can come back to my site. And now you see that magically we have our search bar back up here, up above Upcoming Conferences. And then now our speaker gallery images, are all uniform. The 300 by 300, and they have a little bit of space in between. Now if you feel like this is a little too big you can obviously go back in. And modify, the image style that we created, maybe make it a different resolution. Maybe 300 by 300 might be a little big. Maybe make it 200 by 200 but whatever you feel is best for your particular site. For our particular case I think this should be sufficient. So now I want to adjust the order of my menu a little bit here. So let's go back into Structure. Menus > Main navigation, let's Edit this menu. And I really don't know why but I really just feel like the Security Conferences should go first. And then we'll do Database. And then Software and the Speaker Gallery at the end. So let's go ahead and Save that. Go back to our site. And okay, that's looking a little bit better to me, so we're back at our home here. Now I wanna change the title of our site as well as get rid of this image. So we're gonna have to do that from two separate places, so let's go in to Configuration first. And let's go to Basic site settings, and we can change our site name here. So we can call this pretty much anything we want. Let's say Dev Conf Tracker, or something like that. We can give this a slogan, Your Place to Find Your Favorite Dev Conferences or something like that. I think that should be fine. So let's come down and click Save configuration. Let's go back to our site. All right, look a little bit better. Dev Conf Tracker your place to find your favorite dev conferences I like that. Now let's get rid of this. Now if you wanted to think about where you feel like this belongs. You might want to go back into Configuration and go back to Site settings. But actually the logo that appears in the header here is more of a theming property. So in order to modify that, you actually have to go into Appearance, and you have to go into the settings of your active themes. So we'll go into settings of Bartik here, and we're gonna come down a little bit. And you'll see a preview here. And we would come down into logo image. So right here it says, Use the logo supplied by the theme. So I can uncheck that and then what I can do is I can provide a path to a custom logo or I can upload my own. Now in this case I don't really have a logo that I want to use. But I just don't want that one on the site right now. So I can remove it by unchecking this box and leaving these blank. Now if you obviously have something you want to replace it with go ahead and supply the path or upload an image and that should work just fine. So let's go ahead and Save configuration we'll go back to our site and now that image is gone. So once again, we have now kind of cleaned this up a little bit. Now one of the other final things that we want to do is let's get rid of all this erroneous data. So obviously, once we go live with our site we don't wanna be showing all of this data. So we can use Devel as I mentioned before to actually clear all this up. So let's go into Configuration. We will go down to Development and Generate content. Now in this case, we want to pretty much clear everything out, so we can say Click on the check box next to content type. So we select everything and we want to delete all content. And we are going to stick in the how many nodes we'd like to generate zero, just like that. So now we can come down to generate. We'll click Generate. And it's actually going to go through and delete all the content that's on our site and generate nothing. So now we can go back to our site and now we are are at a completely blank site. So we're ready to go in here and actually add in whatever content we want to add to our site. Now the final thing that you can obviously do if you want is going to be update your theme a little bit. So if you wanted to do that, feel free. In this case you could go into appearance like we've done before. And we could go and take a look at some themes. So let's go ahead and open the themes here in a new project or in a new tab. And let's go ahead and do the same type of filtering I mentioned before. We wanna look at actively maintained, core compatibility. Let's check eight and Most installed, sure, why not. Let's go and do that. So let's do a search. And there are going to be a whole lot of things down here. So you can pick pretty much any one of these, it should be fine. So let's scroll down a little bit, see if anything catches our eye. How about Danland, Danland looks pretty clean and simple. And this one actually has a demo site. So you can actually open this up and take a look at it a little bit if you want. This looks pretty nice. I think this is pretty simple and clean. So, let's come back here and we'll click on Danland. We'll take a look at some more information about the site. You can see the demo, we can make sure that there are no other dependencies here. And it looks like everything looks good and we want to make sure we select a version 8. So let's go ahead and Copy this link address, we'll come back over to our site. Let's install a new theme. Let's paste this in, so we have Install from a URL, let's click Install. That's going to install everything. Let's install newly added themes. Now we can come down to the bottom here and here is Danland. So let's go ahead and install and set as default. Danland is now the default theme, we can go back to our site. And there you have it. Now we have our dev conf tracker site. We have our links up here at the top. We have our search and upcoming conferences. And pretty much everything looks like it's ready to go. But once again we have this little issue here where this is back the image here. So we can once again go and tweak this a little bit. And this is just the process that you go through as you are continually updating and getting your page ready to deploy out to the real world. So it's going save that configuration. And now we should be back to a pretty good spot. We can go back to site and there we go. Now one thing about this particular theme is that it's trying to squeeze all of my links on the top here. And if we kind of go underneath we're going to see where that other final speaker gallery is. Now if that bothers you, you can obviously come into these other links and just tweak them and shorten them a little bit to make them all kind of line up a little bit better. And so why not do that right now? So let's go into structure and let's go into menus. We'll go into Main navigations. We can edit our menu. And here are the ones that we want to edit. So let's edit Security Conferences. And instead of calling it Security Conferences, let's just call it Security. So let's go ahead and save that. And we'll come into Database Design Conferences. Let's just call this Database, maybe just Database. I think that should probably be good. Save that. And then finally we will do a software architecture conferences, maybe we'll just call this one architecture. And then go ahead and save this one. And then we have our speaker gallery, maybe we just call this one Speakers, how about that. So we'll call this one Speakers and click Save. Now with all of those things edited, we can save everything. And then we will come back up to back to our site. And now we have Home, Security, Database, Architecture, and Speakers, not too shabby. So I think overall, we are at a very acceptable place where our site is really starting to take shape. And looks like it's ready to start taking on some actual data.

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