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1.1 Introduction

Hi, I'm Daniel Stern from Tuts+. In this course, we're going to learn all about test-driven development with Angular. Test-driven development is a powerful methodology that you can use to increase your productivity when writing code. Not just for large projects, but for your own personal projects, projects of any size. In this course, we'll build a fully functional, test-driven development app. We'll use Mocha, Karma, and Istanbul to ensure the functionality of our code. Test-driven development is so powerful, I'm certain it will increase your productivity greatly if you take the time to learn it. Mocha, Angular, Karma, Istanbul, we'll be covering all of these in this course, with many hands on demonstrations. All in all, by watching this course, you'll not only increase your knowledge of angular and test-driven development, but you'll be able to build more powerful, reliable apps in any language. It's going to be a good course. I hope you enjoy it.

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