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1.3 Before You Start

I'm Daniel for Tuts+. In this video, we're going to review what we're going to need to do before starting on this course. This course contains a lot of interactive elements that you can participate with as well, so be sure to take note and follow the following steps. To program along with this course, you're going to need to have Node.js installed on your workstation. We use Node.js quite a bit so there's no way around this. If you can't install things on your workstation, have the administrator of the workstation install Node.js. Make sure you have enough permissions to install packages freely with NPM. This course can be completed on either a PC or Mac. I haven't tested it on Linux, but it should probably work on Linux as well. I've done it on a PC, but I've tried to include instructions for Mac as well, wherever applicable. As I mentioned, you need to install packages with NPM, so make sure you have permissions. You don't need to install NPM because that comes with Node, but if you've been installing packages with NPM and getting permission errors, access denied type stuff. You should troubleshoot that before proceeding with this course. As we progress through the course, I am going to be using the text editor Brackets for this project. However, you can use whatever text editor you want. I recommend either Brackets, Sublime, or IntellaJ. And last but not least, we'll be using GIT to manage our project files. So make sure you have GIT installed on your computer, either Windows, Mac, or Linux. And also, you should have a basic understanding of how to work with GIT. Well, that's all we need to complete this course, so let's get started.

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