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1.1 Introduction

In this course you'll learn to use the Angular 2 component router. I'll start off by explaining the changes to routing in Angular 2 and outlining the topics we'll cover in this course.

1.1 Introduction

As Angular 2 moves closer to an official release, many things have changed. One of the new changes is the component router. The original incarnation of the Angular 2 router has been replaced with this version, which is configured differently than the original. In this short course, we will build an app that makes use of the new component router. This app will make use of routing to navigate between components. After becoming familiar with the router and configuring routes, we will then create child routes and see how easy it is to incorporate additional routes as application grows. Then finally we will learn to use route parameters to pass data across components. We will then use these parameters to access individual user data. After viewing this course, you should have a solid understanding of how routing works in Angular 2.

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