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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to this Android Fundamentals course about Activities. In this course, you'll learn what Activities are, with real-time examples of how you can use them in apps. You will learn to navigate between Activities, passing data from one to the other and handling events from the Activities. You will also learn about the Activity lifecycle when switching between Activities or when the screen is rotated.

1.1 Introduction

In an Android application that you build, it may contain multiple screens. Which means, you'll have to add multiple activities to your application. Since each screen represents one activity, you might want to pass data from one activity to other. So in this course, we will be discussing all those things in detail. What are activities? How it is one of the fundamental building block of android. How to navigate between the activities? And how to share data between them? You will also learn the phases through which the activity goes when you navigate from one activity to other. The functions that are executed, the background tasks that are taking place, you will learn all of it. After the activity life-cycle, we will see what happens to the activity when the screen is rotated, by which I mean, the orientation is changed from portrait to landscape vice versa. The lifecycle functions that are executed and everything else. I'm sure you're going to enjoy learning the Android fundamentals on activities. I hope you'll join me in this journey. I'm Annapurna Agrawal, welcoming you for this course at Tuts+.

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