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3.1 Conclusion

I hope you've learned something during this course. My name's Annapurna, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching. Happy coding!

3.1 Conclusion

Select tutsplus.com when I search for Android Activity there are a number of tutorials coming up, which you can refer to if you want to learn more about Android activities. Listing a few of them, here we have an article on What Is Android Activity Lifecycle? If you want to know deeper about it, you can go through this. We have another one on the activity lifecycle is here, Android SDK: Activities and Lifecycle by Sue Smith. Then we have Android From Scratch Activities and Fragments. You can refer to the activity part if you want to learn more about it. These are the few tutorials you can go through to learn more about activities. So that was all from my site. I hope you liked the course. I'm Annapurna, signing off. Thanks for watching, and have a good day.

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