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Free Preview: 3 Practical Projects to Learn to Code WordPress Plugins



Part of the reason for the popularity of WordPress is how customizable it is. With the right themes and plugins, you can make WordPress do just about anything you need it to. If you want to get started coding your own plugins for WordPress, this course is a good first step. You'll learn to code plugins with a series of practical projects. With a little work, you could use these plugins in your own sites!

In this course, Rachel McCollin will guide you through creating a series of practical call-to-action WordPress plugins. First, you'll learn how to create a call-to-action plugin that can be activated with a hook from within a theme. Next, you'll create a plugin to output a call to action from a shortcode that users can embed in their content. And finally, you'll create a call-to-action widget that users can edit and add to their sites with the WordPress Customizer or Widget admin screen.

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