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1.1 Introduction

In this course, I'll introduce you to all the basics of WordPress plugin development. Follow along, and you'll be coding your own WordPress plugins in no time!

1.1 Introduction

Hello, and welcome to this Tuts Plus course on learning WordPress plugin development. My name is Rachel McCollin and in this course, I'm going to guide you through three practical plugin projects that will help you develop your plugin skills. The first thing I'll do is show you how to create a plugin for section menus. So in the side bar of our site, we'll have a menu that shows people around an individual section of the site. So here you can see a section menu for the locations section. We'll then move on to creating another plugin to customize the dashboard. So this will remove a number of the dashboard widgets that we don't need, and it'll add a new one with content that we do need. And then finally, we'll create a third plugin which will output a list of the latest posts in each of three randomly selected categories in the site. And we'll enqueue a stylesheet in that plugin so that we can style what's output by the plugin. Watch this course and find out how to create these plugins.

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