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Check Out the New Recommended Resources on Game Development

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We've added a new page to the site, which will help coders grab top quality software, tools and gear. It's filled with our favorite resources that we recommend for gamedevs. You can jump straight over to our Recommended Resources page here on Game Development or read on for further information.

Hand-Picked Resources for Coding Professionals

Our editors and authors have hand-picked these resources, which feature core gamedev engines, editors and IDEs, art tools, and project management apps. Our goal here is to feature the highest quality, useful resources that we highly recommend, and, in most cases, use ourselves! It's a quick stop to finding the best of the best when you have an urgent need to fill as a gamedev.

Keep an eye out for more of these site sections as our Resource pages roll out across the Tuts+ network

What Developer Tools Do You Recommend?

This is version 1.0 of the Game Development Resources page. We'll continue to add to it and grow this section of the site. We could use your help with that!

Are there any awesome game engines, apps, tools, gear or services that you feel we missed? Bounce into the discussion below and leave a comment about what resource you recommend to fellow gamedevs.

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