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Celebrating 10 Years of WordPress

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The very first version of WordPress was released 10 years ago today, and there are meetups happening all over the world to celebrate, probably even one in your area! Here on Wptuts+, I'd also like to take a look at how far WordPress has come since its initial release.

Celebrate With WordPress People in Your Area

WordPress meetups happen regularly all over the world, with interested users, developers, designers, and business owners getting together to share their knowledge. Today, May 27, there are over 4800 people in over 600 cities RSVPed to celebrate 10 years of WordPress with their local group. It's not too late for you to get on board and join them! Go to the WordPress 10th Anniversary Meetup Everywhere page for details of the meetup in your area.

WordPress Meetup Everywhere 10th AnniversaryWordPress Meetup Everywhere 10th AnniversaryWordPress Meetup Everywhere 10th Anniversary

History of WordPress Releases

From the very first release, to the imminent release of 3.6, see how WordPress has grown across the major releases with the following details taken from and the Codex:

Note: You can actually still download almost every single version of WordPress from the Release Archive. Pretty amazing! Though keep in mind, there have been various security fixes over the years, so it's not recommended to actually use an old version in a production environment.

Let's Reminisce: How Has WordPress Changed Your Life?

Something I always like to hear about is how WordPress has impacted other people's lives. For some, it's made it possible for them to post content online that they otherwise couldn't have. For others, it's allowed them to create their own business and support their families.

What's your story? In the comments below, share with us your first experience of WordPress and the impact it's had on your life.

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