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Code Learning Guides

If you want to become a better developer, try these code learning guides. Each one is a hand-picked collection of free code tutorials on a relevant theme, like WordPress Gutenberg or creating an Angular app.

Find everything you need here, whether you’re a web developer or mobile app developer, and no matter which programming language you use. These learning guides bring together over a decade of free code tutorials on Envato Tuts+, covering a huge range of topics.

Do you want to build a React app? Create interactive charts? Get up to speed on machine learning? You’ll find all of that and more here.

  1. How to Work with WordPress Metadata

    4 Posts
    In this series, we're going to look at how to work with WordPress metadata using the native WordPress APIs. By the end of it, you should be familiar with some of the advanced options relating to metadata and how to think creatively regarding using it in your work.
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  2. Explore REST APIs in OpenCart

    2 Posts
    One of the most powerful among the new features in OpenCart is the introduction of REST APIs. In this two part series, we'll explore most of the APIs available and go through the order creation process using it.
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  3. Create a Custom Shipping Method in OpenCart

    2 Posts
    Although, OpenCart provides number of useful shipping methods in the core itself, there's always a chance that you'll need to create your own. On the other hand, being a web developer, you'll always try to explore the framework of your choice to see how to create your own custom stuff! In this series, we're going to create a custom shipping method module in OpenCart.
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  4. 60 Second Video Tutorials

    5 Posts
    Comprehensively introducing anything in sixty seconds is a tough challenge, but that’s exactly what we’re doing with this series! Each of these video tutorials introduces you to a subject, offering just enough explanation to whet your appetite and get you hooked.
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  5. HTML5 Mastery Class

    8 Posts
    The HTML5 Mastery Class is a series of articles that aims to take you from beginner-to-expert in working with HTML5, the DOM, and associated languages such as JavaScript and CSS.
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