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Are you tired of default formats and boring apps? React Native themes can help make your apps beautiful. An app theme or React Native template can help you create your masterpiece with the click of a button.

If you want to save hundreds of hours of development work, CodeCanyon offers modern React Native mobile app themes to choose and make that breathtaking app.

React Native App Themes on CodeCanyon

In this article, you'll get to know some of the best themes for React Native apps from CodeCanyon. CodeCanyon is a digital marketplace offers the best collection of React Native themes and templates to build your apps in the fastest time possible.

Best React Native App Themes on CodeCanyon for 2020

In this post, I'll share some of the best React Native app templates and themes of 2020. Some of the factors you should consider before selecting a theme include comprehensive documentation, features, source code quality, popularity, and so on. The themes in this list were selected to have all of those qualities.

1. Myyaow Realtor - React-Native Theme

Myyaow realtorMyyaow realtorMyyaow realtor

Myyaow Realtor is a React Native real estate mobile app theme for both Android and iOS. This React Native theme allows customers and agents to interact in the real estate business. It allows agents to post properties and customers to search through those properties according to their specific requirements. 

It comes with a beautiful UI which features elements such as beautiful intro sliders, property search option, a messaging system, and a dashboard where you can manage all your events. It also allows the user to customize the homepage in the style of Airbnb

Other features include;

  • an easy sign-up process
  • personalized UI/UX components 
  • ability to view properties based on location and popularity
  • ability to favorite properties

2. oClassify React Native Theme


oClassify React Native theme is a super flexible and responsive theme that can be used to list a wide variety of products and services.  Whether you own a real estate business or a clothing store, oClassify has got you covered. Some of the excellent features of this theme include:

  • ability to search what you want
  • ability to list services by location
  • a messaging platform that allows you to sent and receive messages
  • ability to favorite products and services you like
  • a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to see all the features in one screen

3. DUIS School React Native UI

Duis school nativeDuis school nativeDuis school native

DUIS School React Native UI is a comprehensive school management app that helps schools manage every aspect of running a school, such as results, attendance, marks, announcements, notifications, profiles, activities, transport, etc. The DUIS School App also serves as a mobile communication tool between the school, the student, and their parents.

Key features of this theme include:

  • beautiful UI
  • Intro slider
  • navigation drawer
  • custom fonts
  • secure login process

4. WhatsApp React Native Theme

WhatsApp React NativeWhatsApp React NativeWhatsApp React Native

WhatsApp React Native theme is a fully pledged theme that gives you all the front-end components required to make your social network app in minutes. The WhatsApp React Native Theme consists of 15+ screens with all UI components you might need for your next chat application.

Features include:

  • login and verification screens
  • home page
  • chat feature pages
  • settings

5. Neoflix React Native Theme


Neoflix React Native Theme is the perfect theme if you are looking to make your streaming app appealing to your users.

Features include:

  • beautiful UI
  • beautiful profile setup sliders
  • more than ten screens such as payment plan page, sign up pages, profiles pages, and search section

6. Grab Cab: React Native Taxi Booking App Template

Grab cabGrab cabGrab cab

Taxi Booking React Native app theme for IOS and  Android, which features both riders and drivers screen and is perfect for anyone looking to build a Cab hailing application like Uber. 

Features include:

  • driver and rider menu for easy navigation and access
  • driver registration page that features driver license upload
  • driver and rider profile pages with photo uploads option
  • a smooth booking and cancellation process
  • Google Maps
  • ride history and rating pages
  • payment page and more

Best React Native UI Kits on CodeCanyon for 2020

React Native UI Kits provide developers a large set of impressive UI elements for making that beautiful React Native interface.

1. Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components


Antiqueruby React Native is a multipurpose and beautiful app theme featuring over 260 screens and comes with 16 + different kinds of UI and UX elements. This template is guaranteed to save you more than 1000 hours of development

Antiqueruby is one of the most popular templates on CodeCanyon. You can create apps such as a crypto app, dating app, eCommerce, music. Also, it comes with more than 30 screens for the navigation drawer and profile section. 

Other features include:

  • eCommerce-ready screens
  • music screens
  • navigation drawers
  • profiles
  • sign up and sign in screens
  • social media
  • walk-through screens
  • AdMob compatible

2. Felix Travel: Mobile React Native Travel App Template

Felix TravelFelix TravelFelix Travel

Felix Travel is a universal mobile React Native app template for the travel application or booking industry. With this template, you can build an app for hotel reservations, event booking, car, and flight booking,

Felix Travel also features over 100+ samples and 40 reusable react-native components. Key features include:

  • smooth booking process
  • support for multiple languages
  • multiple colors
  • an advanced filtering mechanism
  • a mixture of list grid and block view

3. Food Delivery React Native Template

Food deliveryFood deliveryFood delivery

The Food Delivery React Native app template is a complete food delivery app written with JavaScript and available for both Android and iOS. This food delivery app features more than 25 components, 50 screen containers, and a visual design that can easily be customized. All the functionality needed for food delivery is fully implemented, allowing you to launch a fully-fledged delivery app in a matter of hours.

This React Native template will save you hours of app design work and development work compared to if you started from scratch.

Benefits of React Native Apps

Let's look at some of the benefits of React Native mobile app development.

Better Performance

Native apps are built for that specific platform and compiled using the platform's core programming languages, and this makes them fast and more responsive. Additionally, native apps store contents and visual elements on users' phones; hence their load times are quick.

Native Mobile Apps Work Offline

Unlike other apps which store content on web servers, Native mobile apps can function independently of the internet and therefore provide convenience in times when the user doesn't have an internet connection

Integration with Mobile Hardware

React Native allows smooth access to a wide variety of device hardware capabilities such as GPS, camera, touchscreen, accelerometer, and phone.

Why Choose a React Native Theme or App Template?

React Native apps are built using JavaScript. React Native apps are only coded once and run on both Android and iOS. This means React Native increases efficiency. That's why it's used by companies such as Whatsapp, Uber, Netflix, and others. 

However, it's still a lot of work to code an app from scratch. Picking the right theme or template for your app makes it even a lot easier.

The Best React Native App Templates on CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon is a digital marketplace offers the best collection of React Native themes and templates. With a React Native app template, you can get started building your apps in the fastest time possible.

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