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WordPress 3.3 What's New Screencast

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WordPress 3.3 recently came out and we rounded up all of the new features - Today, we'll dive into a descriptive overview of the new features and changes that come with the new 3.3 update of WordPress in a video screencast! See the new media uploader in action and find out what's happened under the hood to keep your blog running smoothly.

The Screencast

"WordPress 3.3 has a brand new admin bar"

First A brief overview

In the first portion of the video you are guided through the most important changes in this new version of WordPress.

Second A look at the new admin bar

See the new admin bar and find out what it has to offer

Third Using the new media uploader

In this portion of the screencast users are guided through the new media uploader and how the new drag & drop feature works

Fourth A more responsive experience

Now you can administrate your blog from the comfort of your iPad as this update has a more flexible design and is ready for touch based input.

Fifth Sidebar Improvements

FInd out how you can display different sidebars depending on which theme you have active.

"Leaner, meaner and.. oh hey is that jQuery 1.7.1?"

Final Under the hood

To finish the screencast we find out what under the hood changes have been made and how they effect WordPress as a whole.

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