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WordPress 2.7 Cookbook + Free E-Books!

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Packt Publishing recently sent me a review copy of "WordPress 2.7 Cookbook." I'm a huge fan of the cookbook line; they're similar to a huge string of quick tips. So if you don't have time to read for an hour straight, you can always pick up a web dev cookbook and learn a few neat techniques within minutes.

WordPress 2.7 Cookbook is no different, and though it's more of a quick reference book, rather than one that you would traditionally read front-to-back, I still found myself devouring the pages within a day or so.

"With this cookbook, you will learn many WordPress secrets and techniques, with step-by-step, useful recipes dedicated to achieving a particular goal or solve a particular problem. You'll learn the secret of expensive premium themes, how to optimize your blog for SEO and online profits, and how to supercharge WordPress with killer functions used by the most popular blogs over the Internet."

Useful Tips I Picked Up

  • Displaying a custom login form in your blog's sidebar
  • Using the CSS sliding doors technique within WordPress
  • Creating an iPhone friendly version of your blog.
  • Save time by using Worpress shortcodes
  • Testing your blog's security

Ultimately, books like this one deliver exactly what you'd expect. In need of front-to-back WordPress reference? This won't do. However, if you think you'd enjoy reading over a 100 useful tips and "recipes," I'd pick it up!

Free E-Books

It's become a tradition to raffle off a handful of books every week on Nettuts+. To enter for a chance to win the "WordPress 2.7 Cookbook" ebook from Packt, simply leave a comment with a link to your favorite web development book ever. In twenty-four hours, I'll filter through the comments, and will email a handful of winners! Be sure to leave some way to get in touch with you; an email address, or a link to your website should suffice.

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