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Winners Announced: Free Copies of "jQuery: Novice to Ninja"


A few weeks ago, the amazing guys at SitePoint sent me a handful of copies of their latest book, "jQuery: Novice to Ninja," to give away to our community. As their first book to focus specifically on jQuery, the final product is a resounding success, covering the absolute basics up to building your own plugins. The writers, Earle Castledine and Craig Sharkie have really done a great job simplifying as much as possible so that even the absolute beginners can immediately dive into working in jQuery.

Update: Winners Announced

A big congratulations goes out to @iBlend @cgfaulkner @angbown @theswineharts. If you haven't already, please email me at nettuts@tutsplus.com to claim your prize. Thanks for entering everyone!

jQuery Novice to Ninja

How to Win

We're going to make this one as simple as possible. Rather than leaving a comment to enter, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter, and tweet stating that you want the book. I'll then sort through the first thirty tweets, and choose a handful of winners! That's it. Please note that these are hard-copies. The winners will be announced on Sunday, May 2nd, US time.

Novice to Ninja
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