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Winners Announced: Follow Us On Twitter and Win a Copy of ‘Learning ActionScript 3.0’

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Today, we're giving away copies of Rich Shupe and Zevan Rosser's Learning ActionScript 3.0: A Beginner's Guide to three lucky @activetuts twitter followers! Learning ActionScript 3.0 will give you a solid foundation in AS3 and demonstrates how you can use it for practical, everyday projects.

There's further significance to this giveaway; today's tut author? None other than Zevan Rosser himself!

What Do I Have To Do?

I'm afraid the draw has already taken place! Congratulations to @chrisangle, @Superdwayne & @merovingian! Nevermind if you weren't one of the lucky three, keep following @activetuts and you'll hear of plenty more giveaways soon ;)

The best ActionScript book ever written.

-Lee Brimelow, Creator of The Flash Blog

About the Book:

In this book, authors Rich Shupe and Zevan Rosser share the knowledge they've gained from their years as multimedia developers/designers and teachers. Learning ActionScript 3.0 gives you a solid foundation in the language of Flash and demonstrates how you can use it for practical, everyday projects. The authors do more than just give you a collection of sample scripts. Written for those of you new to ActionScript 3.0, the book describes how ActionScript and Flash work, giving you a clear look into essential topics such as logic, event handling, displaying content, migrating legacy projects to ActionScript 3.0, classes, and much more. You will learn important techniques through hands-on exercises, and then build on those skills as chapters progress.

Entries are open worldwide and the winning comment will be chosen through random.org. This giveaway is open worldwide, but make sure to get your tweet tweeted before midnight this Friday, Pacific Eastern Standard Time.

If your entry is drawn, we'll contact you directly, at which point you'll have seven days to claim. Failure to respond within that time will result in a re-draw.

Please note: Envato staff and people who have written more than two tutorials/articles for a Tuts+ site are not eligible to enter.

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