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Winners Announced: Club GreenSock Membership Giveaway!


Barely a tutorial comes our way which doesn't involve tweening of some sort. More often than not, the handywork of GreenSock's Jack Doyle is behind it, TweenMax and TweenLite being just two of his great ActionScript tools.

We're therefore dead chuffed that Jack has offered to give away 2 Shockingly Green Club GreenSock memberships to Activetuts+ readers! Club GreenSock gives members all manner of extra plugins and classes, SVN repository access, development notifications, discounts and more. Two random winners will be chosen at midnight this Friday, Pacific Eastern Standard Time.

To enter, all you've gotta do is comment!

Congratulations to Paulo Figueiredo and Soyek! For those of you who weren't so lucky this time, there'll be plenty of Tuts+ giveaways during the coming weeks. Keep your eyes open!

Club GreenSock

Club GreenSock not only gives you a way to contribute to the ongoing development efforts and say "thanks", but it gets you some members-only benefits like bonus plugins, classes, svn access, etc. There are individual memberships as well as corporate ones (corporate memberships come with a more permissive license, allowing use in commercial projects that aren’t covered under the "no charge" standard license).

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